Report: History to Revive a City - The New Jersey Historical Society and Newark
By Maria Armental

Report: Changed Lives After 9/11

Report: Thinking About War in Iraq

Report: A Taste of Honey
By Kristen Skove

Report: At Home on the Streets of Newark
By Fatima de Jesus

Report: Black History and Juvenile Justice
By Omid Farzanehpour

Report: A Lifetime of Teaching in Newark
By Ian O'Blenis

Report: Collecting Black History
By Kevin Grasha

Report: Disappointed Democratic Voters in Jersey City
By Yaniv Gafner

Report: Rebuilding the Manhattan Skyline After 9/11

Report: New York City Subway Music
By Julia Scott

Report: Debating the Death Penalty in New Jersey
By David Proch

Report: Simbang-Gabi, a Filipino Preparation for Christmas
By David J. Proch

Report: African Americans at Rutgers-Newark, 1968 and Now
By Samantha Perkins, interview with Professor Clement A. Price

Report: Fear in Haiti, Prosperity in New Jersey
By Pierre A. Louis

Report: Brisas del Caribe, Memories of Peru
By Elise Anne Revere

Report: Gentrification in Downtown Jersey City
By Yaniv Gafner

Report: Newark’s Renaissance Café
By Pierre A. Louis

Report: All Quiet in Westfield, N.J.
By Elise Anne Revere

Report: From Afghanistan to New Jersey
By Yvonne Lardizabal

Report: N.J. Residents on the WTC Memorial
By Jordan M. Doronila

Report: Cynthia’s Caribbean Restaurant and Bakery
By Lydia Baker

Report: Reparations For the Descendents of Africans Enslaved in America
By Jordan M. Doronila

Report: Women Wrestlers in Newark
By Donna Zukowski

Report: Exposing Lupus, A Hidden Threat to Black Women
By Donna Zukowski

Report: Looking for God Anywhere but in the Church
By Jane Allande-Hession

Report: Jerry Walker, Anything But an Average Guy
By Jennifer Gonzalez

Report: Communication, A Tool to Prevent Terrorism
By Donna Zukowski

Report: The Ballantine House, Victorian Elegance in Brick City
By Jennifer Gonzalez

Report: Struggles in a Land of Promise
By Pierre A. Louis

Report: Virtual Reality Field Trip of Harriman State Park
By Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Rutgers-Newark

Report: What Exit? New Jersey and Its Turnpike
By New Jersey Historical Society

Report: Q and A New Jersey
By Jane Allande

Report: In Hoboken, Trees for 9/11
By Donna Zukowski

Report: Internet Café Boasts Bubble Tea and Success
By Jennifer Cuevas

Report: Remembering and Celebrating Puerto Rico
By Jordan M. Doronila

Report: Remembering and Celebrating Puerto Rico
By Jordan M. Doronila

Report: Pompeii, an Italian Deli and Cultural Center
By William Heinzelman

Report: A Bridge with a Deeper Meaning
By Tatjana Jegdic

Report: This Bucolic Valley
By Michael Zeugin

Report: He Survived Germany to Live in America
By Sergio Bichao

Report: The New Jersey Performing Arts Center
By Lovet Obakpolor

Report: Baseball, the Newark Bears and the Image of a City
By Bill Heinzelman

Report: Booker—Predicted to Lose, Determined to Win
By P. Steven Ghiringhelli

Report: Exist, A Magazine in and for Newark
By Sarah Vega

Report: A Newark Drug Dealer
By Raul Stancov

Report: The Newark Experience
By Natalie Borisovets and Ann Watkins

Report: Riots-1967
By Max Herman

Report: A Family Vigil After 9/11
By Peter DiMatteo with RoseMarie DiMatteo

Report: Changed Attitudes Since 9/11
By Omer Nisar as told to Megha Jain

Report: 9/11, Local Communities, and the Spirit of the Country
By Mary Ann Christopher with Eric Zaccone

Report: America Eyes India at Rutgers-Newark
By Omid Farza

Report: India Eyes America at Rutgers-Newark
By Omid Farza

Report: Between Battles
By P. Steven Ghiringhelli

Report: Running Through the Weeds
By P. Steven Ghiringhelli

Report: Summertime with the Newark Bears
By Charles Lamont

Report: An Immigrant’s Culture Shock
By Linda N. Mutinda

Report: Treat Me Like a Colleague, Not a Call Girl
By Stephanie Steward

Report: Security Guard Keeps Himself Safe by Telling Stories
By Stephanie Steward

Report: Planning, Slum Clearance and the Road to Crisis in Newark
By David Levitus

Report: Sometimes the Struggle Is Worth It
By Ashraf Bhalwani

Report: A Remedy of Love
By Rich Knight

Report: Letting Go of the Gang Life
By Jason Thorpe

Report: A Link in the City
By Nelson Hernandez, Margaret Odumewu, Ronny Preciado and Ingrid Caceres

Report: Bocce in Garfield, N.J.
By Sun Yi, Nerissa Villaluna and Marcela Kepicova

Report: At Home in Newark
By Yevgeny Soroker, Junnelou Climaco, David Lau, Nicole Medrozo and Roman Lareo

Report: Penn Station Overlooked
By Jaime Roarty, Chris Palanca, George Nguyen and Arlise Leiby

Report: Streetcorner History
By Jacquetta Baker, Brian Honsberger, Rey Tac-an and Tricia Sartori

Report: Worth the Wait
By Ashraf Bhalwani

Report: How Long?
By Shayna Lym, Chris Federici, YuJeong Na, Kathryn Hu, Nicole Pfleger, Denise Pardo, Michele Ippolito, Gianna Nicasio, Jessica Alfonso, Robin Wilson, Meghan Shapiro and Katrina Rowson

Report: A Hustler with a Home
By Michele Ippolito

Report: Living in Newark, Fighting for Change
By Kathryn Hu

Report: Our Educated Future
By Denise Pardo

Report: Hangin’ At the Hardware Store: An Afternoon in Newark's South Ward, Just Before the 2006 Mayoral Election
By Robin Laverne Wilson

Report: Residents Working Together in the West Ward
By Meghan Shapiro

Report: Inside a Tenement
By Jessica Alfonso

Report: Chinatown, New York
By Kathryn Hu

Report: The Odyssey of Miguel and Rosario
By Gianna Nicasio

Report: Downtown Jersey City
By Robin Laverne Wilson

Report: Working in Newark, Remembering Puerto Rico
By Tricia Sartori

Report: A Journalist Who Made a Difference About AIDS
By Mario McCalla

Report: The Naked Truth
By Aleksandra Nadolski

Report: A Times Square Ballet
By Katrina Rowson

Report: Remembering and Forgetting
By Karina Vigo

Report: An Interrupted Journey
By Karina Vigo

Report: Writings on the Wall
By Fernando Villar, Jr.

Report: In Alzheimer's, a Double Burden
By Fernando Vazquez

Report: "You Got It, Sweetie"
By Kristy Barry

Report: Newark's Best-Kept Secret
By Meghan Shapiro

Report: Remembering Charles F. Cummings, Keeper of Newark's History
By Nyvia Roman

Report: Newark's Pennsylvania Station
By Nyvia Roman

Report: "Look! They're Going Into the School!"
By Jennifer Alicea

Report: Newark's Ferry Street, Where Immigrants Create Their Future
By Ammy Martinez

Report: Vietnam - The Course of a War and the Course of a Life
By Alfred Lienau with Vanessa Flores

Report: From Now On, With Music
By Gerard Drinkard

Report: Numbering Her Days
By Katrina Rowson

Report: The African Burial Ground
By Denise Pardo

Report: Yearning to Breathe in Columbus Park
By Marlo Watanabe

Report: What the Commuter Does Not See
By Marlo Watanabe

Report: Newark and Its Gateway Complex
By Thomas Dolan

Report: Visible Dignity--The Photography of Helen M. Stummer
By Robert W. Snyder

Report: A Link to the Dominican Republic
By Saida Alvarenga

Report: A Faith that Inspires
By Genise Clark

Report: A Lifetime of Changes
By Anne P. Rivera

Report: "Not As Bad as I Thought"
By Zaib Ahmed

Report: Learning from Fellow Students
By Anne P. Rivera

Report: From Haiti to Rahway to Newark
By Lanette Espy

Report: Three Decades of Music
By Fernando Villar Jr.

Report: A Female Soldier's Journey Through the Seasons in Iraq
By Katie Barry

Report: Parkour—Moving with the City
By Fernando Villar Jr.

Report: Newark and Its Cherry Trees Blossom
By Ashley-Nicole Weatherington

Report: A House with Life on Academy Street
By Selin Senyilmaz

Report: Keeping the Music Alive at Maxwell’s
By Zachary Huff

Report: A Visit to The American Museum of Natural History
By Anne P. Rivera

Report: Dressed for Success
By Cheryl Lewis

Report: From Ghana to Newark in a Life of Learning
By Kim S. Jones

Report: Smart Policing
By Kim S. Jones

Report: Salaries and the Gender Gap
By Mario McCalla

Report: The Prudential Center Helps Newark
By Zaib Ahmed

Report: Education, Enlightenment and the LGBT Center
By Mario McCalla

Report: What Do You See on Municipal Websites?
By John Sowden, Yanique Taylor, Kareemah Harris, Mancera Harris, Andrew Schwab, Josepah Allen, Michael Vorgetts, and Rachel Weissenburger, with Professor Suzanne J. Piotrowski

Report: The Shadow of Crime in North Newark
By Genise Clark

Report: HOMECorp Provides Affordable Housing in Montclair
By Lanette Espy

Report: An Old Lodge Faces New Times
By Damary Rivero

Report: New Possibilities
By Olubukola Elegbede

Report: Election Reactions
By Sheena Quashie, Anne Rivera, and Jazmin Arrington

Report: Casting a Vote and Making History
By Andria Park

Report: Tears, Cheers and Questions After the Election
By Heather Skolnik

Report: Responding to the Election
By Shahidah Burwell, Ramona Alcantara, Frances Perez-Rodriguez, Amy Patel, Glenda Montgomery, Kerra Hunter and Jonathan Keller

Report: A Victory and a Change
By Vanessa Martinez

Report: A Place of Second Chances
By Jessica S. Flores

Report: From Havana, Cuba to Rutgers-Newark
By Genise Clark

Report: Back to Work At Last
By Ramona Alcantara

Report: As Long as Someone is Listening
By Jessica Bonilla

Report: The Recession’s Impact on Urban Journalism
By Frances A. Perez- Rodriguez

Report: Conflict and Communication at Rutgers-Newark
By Omid Farza

Report: Praying in Hard Times
By Matthew Malysa

Report: Conquering Fears in Newark
By Matthew Malysa

Report: The Presence of History in Lower Manhattan
By Vanessa Galindo

Report: Finding Art on the Street
By Matthew Malysa


Report: A Night in the Emergency Room
By Tamara Odisho

Report: Glass Roots
By Rosalie Jayde Uyola

Report: Castle Newark
By Samantha Boardman

Report: What Does it Mean to be an American at Rutgers-Newark?
By Omid Farza

Report: Graffiti: A Profitable Art
By Allison Baldwin

Report: An Art Gallery on a Mission
By Allison Baldwin

Report: Native Artist Gives Back to Newark
By Allison Baldwin

Report: Calling All Artists
By Allison Baldwin

Essay: From Newark and Back
By Jacquelene S. Waller

Essay: Goodbye Jersey City, Hello Suburbs
By Michael Maillaro

Essay: Trekking From Suburbia to Harmony
By Dan Miller

Essay: The Religious Mutt
By Kelly Kropilak

Essay: Savoring the Past and Present
By Fatima de Jesus

Essay: Reading the Ruins of Newark
By Adam Manrique

Essay: Newark and the New Community Corporation
By Edline Blot

Essay: Lost Vehicles and Students’ Lives
By Julia Scott

Essay: Harlem Song Sings at the Apollo Theater
By Bernice V. Wise

Essay: A Slice of Southern Comfort in Newark
By Bernice V. Wise

Essay: Homeless for a Day in Newark
By Omid Farzanehpour

Essay: A Visit to Planned Parenthood
By Lydia Baker

Essay: Choking Over Some Photos in Newark
By Jordan M. Doronila

Essay: Great Changes in Newark, But Still a Long Way to Go
By Nyvia Roman

Essay: James Credle—In North Carolina, Newark and Vietnam
By Moustafa Badreldin

Essay: Maria Valente Left Her Past in Italy and Found Her Future in America
By Annalisa Gaeta

Essay: Living in Jersey City, Remembering the Philippines
By Rosanne Lugtu

Essay: The Searches and Struggles of a Black Man in the 1960s
By Nazia Rashid

Essay: Class Meetings Have the Power to Change a Life
By Nivin Zaghloul

Essay: A Nation Undone
By Elizabeth Mitchell

Essay: The Sopranos—Morality, Romanticism and the Mob
By Eva M. Pena

Essay: Africans in New Jersey Consider Their Continent’s Future
By Juliana Antwi

Essay: A Voice of Inspiration
By Kristin Ferraro

Essay: The Strengths of the ’60s
By Agnes Flach

Essay: In Washington, D.C., Students Find a Path to Middle East Peace
By Yaniv Gafner

Essay: Not That Westernized
By Binal Patel with Kavita Gupta

Essay: Dr. Harold Siegel, A Rebel With a Cause
By Carissa Hipolito

Essay: Adaptability Is the Name of the Game
By Imtiaz Ahmad Khan with Hira Khan

Essay: A Mother’s Tale From the ‘60s
By Kristen Perry

Essay: Learning Wrong and Right in Newark
By Darien Diaz

Essay: Newark Needs a Rebirth
By Celines Garcia

Essay: Photo Trouble
By Sara Elnakib

Essay: Floating Downstream
By Anthony Bradfield

Essay: Photographer On Assignment
By Ray Lee

Essay: Vines
By Alnela McLeod

Essay: Memories of Home in a Meal
By Linda N. Muntinda

Essay: Marine Corps Memories
By P. Steven Ghiringhelli

Essay: Jails Have Been Part of Newark Since Colonial Times
By Seth Mann

Essay: Third Grade Tai Chi Warriors!
By Elizabeth Mitchell

Essay: At Home in Newark at Last
By Fatima Mian

Essay: Searching for a Meal in the Trash
By Josiah McDermott-Contarino

Essay: Somewhere Along the Line You Lost Me
By Rich Knight

Essay: Review---A Family in Trouble
By Shayna Lym

Essay: Review---American History/Indian History
By Raida Abd-Allah

Essay: Leaders Receive the Blame, But the People Voted Them In
By Celines Garcia

Essay: An Open Letter to Mayor Cory Booker
By Celines Garcia

Essay: Living with AIDS at the Academy Street Firehouse
By Katrina Rowson

Essay: Review Essay: Journalism After 9/11
By Andria Dunkin

Essay: Little Italy, A Shrinking Reality
By Robin Laverne Wilson

Essay: Give Sharpe James Some Credit
By Sandra L. West

Essay: Finding the Familiar in the Watchung Reservation
By Alan Kennedy

Essay: Framed---The Media and the Death of Gordon Parks
By Daphne J. Davalié

Essay: Rich in Grace
By Sandra L. West

Essay: Las Piedras
By Ariel Peralta

Essay: Gentrification in Newark
By Ashanti Rimes

Essay: The Hair Salons of Newark
By Farrah Hamlett

Essay: Lighthouse cares for homeless, hungry in Newark
By Marlo Starr

Essay: Jacob Riis: How relevant are his photos and writings today?
By Kaitlin Moleen

Essay: Ethel L. Payne, early journalist
By Genise Clark

Essay: Jazz in 1967 Newark
By Andrew Potnash

Essay: The Follow-up
By Mustafa Gatollari

Essay: Jacob Riis, Writer With a Camera
By Jonathan Sussman

Essay: What Kept Him Alive?
By Elizabeth Rodriguez

Essay: A Patient’s Perspective on Illness
By Kenneth Roy Rienecker III

Essay: Vets @ Fox--My Reflections
By Robin Laverne Wilson

Essay: Visit to a New York Health Center
By Sheena Quashie

Essay: Exploring New York’s Past and Present
By Anne P. Rivera

Essay: Sharpe James Convicted
By Lanette Espy, Anne P. Rivera, Arthur Kleinberg, Damary Rivero, Zaib Ahmed, Buki Elegbede, Fernando Villar Jr., Mario McCalla and Selin Senyilmaz

Essay: Questions for Barack Obama
By Damary Rivero

Essay: Don’t talk, and say you did
By Buki Elegbede

Essay:  Iraq and the Economy
By Trudy Panalal

Essay: Let’s Not Fool Ourselves
By Lisa U. Aliche

Essay: Hip-hop Messages
By Ramona Alcantara

Essay: A New Gallery for Newark
By Selin Senyilmaz

Essay: Endurance, the Sphere and Memories of 9/11
By Eudora Min

Essay: The Outsider, a Memoir
By Galen R. Faison

Essay: Family, Votes and Values
By Mark DeGuzman

Essay: Beige
By Mary G. Bennett

Essay: Favored
By Bernadette Henderson

Essay: Penn Station, Lost and Found
By Bernadette Henderson

Essay: The View from the Brooklyn Bridge
By Matthew Malysa

Essay: Review: When the Press Fails
By Anne P. Rivera

Poetry & Short Stories: Cherry Blossoms
By Marco Paulo Alves

Poetry & Short Stories: "Warrior Woman"
By Mara Serrano

Poetry & Short Stories: Blocked
By Phyllis Taylor

Poetry & Short Stories: Uptown Saturday Night
By Phyllis Taylor

Poetry & Short Stories: Penn Station Hallucination
By Paula Neves

Poetry & Short Stories: Galahad
By Jessica Wilson

Poetry & Short Stories: PATH Vision
By Joe Samuel Starnes

Poetry & Short Stories: Composition
By Vishad Sukul

Poetry & Short Stories: The Cherry Blossom Blooming
By Charles Bivona

Poetry & Short Stories: Celebrating Diversity
By Pierre A. Louis

Poetry & Short Stories: First Generation Ghosts
By Paula Neves

Poetry & Short Stories: Trash Day
By Joe Samuel Starnes

Poetry & Short Stories: Unconscious Recollections
By Karen Walters

Poetry & Short Stories: Circuit
By Meghan Hickey

Poetry & Short Stories: The Battle Began
By Jesus Ron

Poetry & Short Stories: Flow and Swirl
By Deanne Meltzer

Poetry & Short Stories: Before There Were Terrorists
By Kelechi Okere

Poetry & Short Stories: Memoir
By Paula Neves

Poetry & Short Stories: Unpopular America
By Kelechi Okere

Poetry & Short Stories: Roaches
By Angel Plaza

Poetry & Short Stories: Plant Food
By Angel A. Plaza

Poetry & Short Stories: The Old Dog’s Lament
By Angel A. Plaza

Poetry & Short Stories: Ironing
By Angel A. Plaza

Poetry & Short Stories: My Neighborhood
By Students from Project GRAD Newark

Poetry & Short Stories: Man of Steel
By Darien Diaz

Poetry & Short Stories: Total Poetry
By Tom Obrzut

Poetry & Short Stories: Recurrence
By Paula Neves

Poetry & Short Stories: Voices From Up Under
By Tiffany Saxon

Poetry & Short Stories: Independence Park
By Paula Neves

Poetry & Short Stories: Broad Street Station, 7:24
By Michael Grahlfs

Poetry & Short Stories: One night, adrift, at a bar in Queens
By Kevin Kilroy

Poetry & Short Stories: Letter from America
By Patricia Bender

Poetry & Short Stories: Total Poetry 3, “Die in Your Sleep” (October 18, 2002—6:17 pm, Midtown Direct line)
By Tom Obrzut

Poetry & Short Stories: Chronology I
By Paula Neves

Poetry & Short Stories: URbaN Scene (Take 1 hundred)
By Rolando Herts

Poetry & Short Stories: Bound
By Carlos J. Queirós

Poetry & Short Stories: City Poems
By Caden Mulligan

Poetry & Short Stories: City Women
By Patricia Bender

Poetry & Short Stories: NJ Turnpike East
By Paula Neves

Photo Essay: Indian Market, Jersey City
By Binita Shah

Photo Essay: Harlem
By Sartori

Photo Essay: A Russian Orthodox Community
By Galia Ufimtseva

Photo Essay: Out of Service
By Joe Iscaro

Photo Essay: ABC No Rio
By Jill Wickenheisser

Photo Essay: Nights of the Coloseum
By Leo Selvaggio

Photo Essay: Hindu Devotions, Metropolitan Homes
By Kejal Vyas

Photo Essay: We're Americans Now
By Paula Neto

Audio: Remembering Vietnam
By Robert Vitali with Junnelou Climaco

Audio: Last Testament at Ground Zero
By Jonathan Weizman, producer

Audio: Downlow Downtown
By Tamala DeJesus, Tynslei Spence and Jhade Pilgrim

Audio: Almost Got You There
By Nii Odotei, Tomi Adeoye, Angelica Almendra and Daniel Diaz

Audio: The Joys of Sound
By Ray Reynolds

Audio: Newark in Black and Blue
By Christina Sevilla, Jade Kearney, Kristina Markovic, Carlos Santos, Naana Awuku and Siobhan Ruane

Audio: Art for All
By Samantha Johnston and Rosie Uyola

Audio: ACT NOW: The Newark-Essex Foreclosure Task Force
By Rosie Uyola

Audio: Newark Art Supply
By Robin Laverne Wilson

Audio: ACT NOW: The Newark-Essex Foreclosure Task Force
By Rosie Uyola

Audio: Glass Roots
By Rosalie Jayde Uyola

Audio: Glass Roots