Students in the classes of Bruce Reynolds and Pat Lauro in the Journalism and Media Studies Program, and Rachel Hadas in the English Department, made valuable contributions to this issue of The Newark Metro.

We welcome to this issue a growing number of contributors who aren't students but who work in or care about Newark: Meghan Hickey, Nivin Zaghloul, Elizabeth Mitchell and Michael Zeugin.

We're also pleased in this issue to link to two valuable Web sites that help us better understand the world around us: a New Jersey Historical Society exhibit on the New Jersey Turnpike and a site from the Rutgers-Newark Dept. of Earth and Environmental Science on the geology of Hariman State Park in nearby New York.

As before, Lisa DeLisle's copy editing sharpened our prose.

To everyone else who offered encouragement and ideas, we offer our thanks.

In the near future, we will post photo essays by students in Nick Kline's Spring 2003 "Photo One" class. Do come back.

--Professor Robert W. Snyder

Director, Journalism and Media Studies Program